3D Printed Dickasaurs


Dickasauruses. Say it. Out loud. You giggled, didn’t you? Proof positive that you NEED one of these in your life. Or maybe you know someone who does. Count yourself lucky if you are among the few who find humor in such things, as most of us are 12 year old boys. Or ….not.

Several things to note:

  • Dinosaurs are cool.
  • Dicks are funny.
  • Combine the two for absolute hilarity.
  • These are custom printed for you when you order them.
  • US SHIPPING – FLAT RATE – $7.50 – (We aren’t Amazon)
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    Dickasauruses. Dickasaurii? I don’t know. In the interest of fairness, and in keeping with giving credit where credit is due, the files for these can be found at online – I cannot provide a link for one, but the other is located at, and I got them freely on the internet, and if you would like to print your own, you can too.

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