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Some products are still curing.

These will be shipped on their Cure date, and not before.

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Handmade – some of these soaps are what we call “melt and pour” and you too can go and purchase a block of pre-made melt and pour base. I however make my own hot process bases, mostly because I like to know exactly what is in it.

Contrary to popular belief, both cold process and hot process have a curing time. So whereas these soaps are technically made, some are still curing. Cure times are different for each soap, and I will attempt to update all of that in the description, but let’s be real. No one buys soap online. *grin*

Note: Sometimes the color in a product will stick to your tub. If this happens, spray it with rubbing alcohol and wipe it off. This mostly applies to bath bombs and bubble bars. Any color that your soap emits is skin safe and will rinse off.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: In response to numerous inquiries, we have started shrink wrapping our soaps in addition to using boxes where applicable. But fret not! For all of our products that require shrink wrapping, we use a product called Biolefin(tm). This is an oxo-biodegradable film that, when exposed to the elements, breaks down in 18-24 months and leaves no plastic particulate behind (no micro-plastics!)

If you have concerns about our ingredients, or you have a special request – feel free to contact us by email or social media and we will see what we can do for you!

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