Save Burton – Vashon Island Cookie Cutters


I have only ever seen one cookie cutter that was shaped like Vashon Island (for those of you who don’t know, Vashon Island is a mystical place in the Pacific Northwest, inhabited by fairies and filled with love and acceptance), and it excluded a major piece of the topography (probably to make their lives easier, as that particular piece of topography was a huge stressor). But now you can purchase your very own, Burton Peninsula inclusive, Vashon Island Cookie Cutter. Isn’t that exciting? SAVE BURTON!

Several things to note:

  • The cutter will come in a random color.
  • Cutters are printed when you order them.
  • Then they are coated in polyurethane to make them food safe.
  • Apparently you are supposed to chill cookie dough both before AND after using a cookie cutter (?!?)
  • Apparently you can’t just use any old recipe either. It has to be a recipe FOR cookie cutter cookies (?!?!?)
  • (link opens in a new window) is the recipe recommended to me by a friend who is a baker.
  • I am not a baker.
  • US SHIPPING – FLAT RATE – $7.50 – (We aren’t Amazon)
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    Vashon Island Cookie Cutter. This is my own design (of a cookie cutter, since Vashon Island actually exists) and I took minor liberties with the topography in order to make a cookie cutter that included our peninsula.