General Questions

Q: What is ____?
A: Please refer to our ingredients page for links and descriptions to some of the things we use to make our products.

Q: What does ___ smell like?
A: Please refer to our fragrance page for descriptions of (most of) the fragrances we use in our products.

Q: You use SHRINK WRAP?? Don’t you CARE about the ENVIRONMENT???
A: We *do* care about the environment. But not a lot. Just kidding! We use a product called Biolefin(tm). This is an oxo-biodegradable film that, when exposed to the elements, breaks down in 18-24 months and leaves no plastic particulate behind (no micro-plastics!)

Q: Why do I have to pay so much for shipping?
A: We are a small business, and cannot afford to go into space. Please help us with that.

Q: Why does it take so long for me to get my packages?
A: Because the United States Postal Service is underfunded and overworked. And, there is a high probablity that if there is a delay in shipment, that I was either behind, or had to make the items in your order. 

CBD Questions

Q: What is CBD?
A: It is short for cannabidiol, and you can read more about it here.

Q: Where do you get your CBD?
A: Colorado.

Q: No, I mean, where does it come from?
A: Industrial Hemp.

Q: What does that even mean?
A: Here is a quick run down

Q: Will I get high/fail a drug test if I use your products?
A: Even if my CBD contained THC, it is unlikely that you would get high from topical application.
A: Will CBD Show Up On A Drug Test?

Q: Isn’t this illegal?
A: Not according to the Agricultural Act of 2014.

Q: So CBD is legal?
A: There is some debate. That said, for every court battle that the hemp industry loses, they win on two other fronts. Furthermore, Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY) recently introduced the Hemp Farming Act of 2018
A: This might clarify a few things: Is CBD Legal?
A:Or This: DEA Quietly Gives CBD the Go-Ahead
A: Or this: Is the DEA Being Forced to Reschedule the CBD Compound?
A: Or This: DEA Clarifies Stance on CBD