3D Printed Lithophanes


REMEMBER: Email us the photo that you would like to have 3D Printed, with your order number in the subject line. A good quality/high resolution photograph that can be printed square without leaving extra space is best, however it will need to be edited before sending it for production. If you aren’t sure about the quality/resolution of your desired photo, please feel free to email me at happycamperbathbombs@gmail.com

Several things to note:

  • The photo you send will be printed exactly as large as you ask for.
  • These prints are made to order and could take up to two weeks to ship out.
  • Rounded prints are generally made for having tea lights behind them.
  • Frameless prints are generally made to be inserted into a lightbox.
  • All flat, framed lithophanes will be printed with twine tunnels.
  • US SHIPPING – FLAT RATE – $7.50 – (We aren’t Amazon)
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    A lithophane is a 3D printed photo. It doesn’t look like much against a wall, but with a tealight or some LEDs behind it, it looks exactly like a photograph.